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About CSCU

Our Services

The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit assists researchers on the Cornell Campus and elsewhere by providing the following services:

Consulting: Meetings take place between a statistical consultant and one or more researchers working on a particular research project.

Proposal Preparation: CSCU can assist with the preparation of grant proposals in a variety of ways.

Contract Services: Our fee-based contract services involve performing statistical analysis for clients both internal and external to Cornell.

Workshops: CSCU staff and affiliates teach statistical workshops on a variety of topics at a variety of levels. Workshops are offered year round and new workshops are added regularly.

Specialized Training: CSCU staff offers a statistical consulting class at the graduate and undergraduate levels, guest lectures, and internship opportunities.

Instructional Materials: CSCU produces materials about statistical methods and tools, handouts and recommended articles.

Collaboration: CSCU can provide referrals to DSS/BSCB faculty for collaboration. Collaboration can be facilitated by CSCU but the actual collaboration agreement falls outside the scope of CSCU.