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How To Obtain CSCU Services

There are numerous ways to reach CSCU if you would like to obtain our services. If this is your first contact with CSCU, we highly recommend you make an appointment, regardless of how simple your question may be, since the initial appointment allows us to connect you with an ideal consultant from the beginning.

For returning clients who have short questions, consider stopping by one of our daily walk-in consulting times.

Are you part of Cornell university, but not in Ithaca? Your statistical consulting questions can often be handled through email or phone.

If just getting advice from a consultant isn't enough, CSCU also offers fee-based data analysis services through contract work.

If you are not from the Cornell community, CSCU might also assist you with statistical consulting or contract work based on staff availability.
For further details, refer to our contract fees, and contact Francoise Vermeylen at or (607) 255-8211.