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Statistics and Research Integrity
Trivia Night

>Stats{Smackdown}, popcorn, stack of three books with titles 'How to LIE', 'How to LIE with Statistics','How to LIE without Statistics'

Tuesday, November 13th 2018 at 8:00 pm
The Big Red Barn

  • Come to test your critical thinking skills when it comes to research methods, statistics, and reproducibility.
  • Open to any researchers in any field, advanced statistical knowledge is not required.
  • Free pizza and drinks to participants. Beer will be served.
  • PRIZES and bragging rights for the winning teams!
  • Limited space available. To ensure a spot, register as a team or individually below!

Brought to you by

  • Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit
  • The Office of Research Integrity and Assurance
  • The Graduate School
  • The Big Red Barn