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Statistical Consulting Services

Statistical Consulting

Statistical consultants can assist you with

  • Design of experiments or surveys
  • Reviewing method sections
  • Understanding methods used in published research
  • Planning and implementation of statistical analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Specialized programming
  • Preparation for committee meetings
  • Preparation and revision of manuscripts

Please schedule an appointment to discuss your specific questions.


Teaching by CSCU staff and affiliates includes:

  • Statistical workshops
  • Specialized lectures within existing courses
  • Newsletters containing information about statistical methods and tools
  • Serving as a resource center by providing handouts and articles
  • Participation in group and lab meetings
  • Specialized techniques for specific departments

Proposal Preparation

CSCU can assist you with the preparation of grant proposals. Statistical consultants are available to discuss the proposed designs of experiments and surveys, sample size calculations and the suggested statistical analyses. They can review statistical methodologies sections that are to be included in the proposals. CSCU can also provide a letter of support to be included with the proposal. If the researcher would like to collaborate with a statistician suggestions of possible collaborators can be provided.


CSCU can provide referrals to DSS/BSCB faculty for collaboration. Collaboration can be facilitated by CSCU but the actual collaboration agreement does not fall within the scope of CSCU.

Contract Work

CSCU also considers doing fee-based contract work, including performing statistical analysis, for clients both internal and external to Cornell. Needs, availability and costs of this service are discussed on a project-by-project basis. Our staff statisticians are experienced in research across a broad range of disciplines that utilize applied statistical methodology that are as diverse as the colleges and schools of Cornell University. Examples of contract projects range from designing and analyzing complex experiments, analyzing secondary data and survey data as well as data obtained from observational and evaluations studies, running simulations, mining industrial data, etc. To discuss contract work please contact Francoise Vermeylen - or 255-8211.