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Who We Are

CSCU offers access to consultants with a vast array of statistical background, talent and expertise.

There are three tiers of consultants:

  1. Department of Statistical Science (DSS) / Biological Statistics and Computational Biology (BSCB) faculty
  2. Staff Statisticians
  3. DSS Ph.D. students

Faculty Advisory Board

  • Patrick Stover, PhD, Chair of Advisory Board, Director and Professor in the Division of Nutritional Sciences
  • Martin Wells, PhD, Chair of BSCB, Professor in BSCB, DSS, ILR Social Statistics, and Weill Medical School
  • Marten Wegkamp, PhD, Chair of DSS and Professor in the Mathematics Department and DSS
  • James Booth, PhD, Professor in BSCB and DSS (on sabbatical for the 2016-2017 school year)

Professional Staff

Faculty Consultants

  • Sumanta Basu, Assistant Professor in BSCB
  • Jacob Bien, Assistant Professor in BSCB / DSS
  • James Booth, BSCB Chairman and Professor in BSCB / DSS (on sabbatical for the 2016-2017 school year)
  • Giles Hooker, Associate Professor in BSCB / DSS
  • Martin Wells, Professor in DSS / BSCB / ILR Social Statistics / Weill Medical School


  • John Bunge, Professor in DSS / ILR Social Statistics
  • Patrick Sullivan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Natural Resources
  • Haim Bar, Assistant Professor / University of Connecticut

Additional statistics faculty may elect to be associated to CSCU and occasionally volunteer their expertise to researchers or are available for collaboration.