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Contract Services

What is a Contract Project?

Unlike a consulting meeting where our consultants advise you on statistical methods, contract projects are projects where our consultants will do the statistical analysis for you. Our staff statisticians have extensive experience working on contract projects in academia and industry, and are able to provide long term support for these projects. Note, all contract work is performed by a staff statistician.

This service is available to clients both internal and external to Cornell. A graduate student requesting a contract project will need to have the approval of his or her advisor.

The type of contract services we offer include:

  • data entry
  • data cleaning
  • data manipulation
  • basic statistical analysis
  • analysis of survey data
  • creating graphs and data visualization
  • complex statistical analysis and modeling
  • producing reports with detailed interpretation
  • writing reproducible syntax/command files
  • providing comprehensive, long-term follow-up

Contract Fees

Needs, availability, and costs of this service are discussed on a project-by-project basis. The rate for contract work provided by CSCU is $85/hr for projects from units that financially support CSCU. For all other clients the rate is $150/hr. Contributions from faculty consultants will be billed at $185/hr for all projects.

For further details contact Francoise Vermeylen at or (607) 255-8211.

Contract Request Form